Thank you to all for the well wishes and support over the first year since our registration on 28 May 2014.

It has been an exciting challenge and a lot was learnt. There has been a lot of growth and our reach is extending by the day.

We are also now looking at developing a training centre just outside of Pretoria, on the way to Soshanguve. Which will be our second site.

We aim to keep this productive and positive trend going through our 2nd year.

New projects and campaigns will be launched in the near future for community enrichment through vocational/skills training to less advantaged communities across Southern Africa.

A great thanks to the board members whose aid made attaining our goals a little easier and we look forward to the next year together.

Keep popping in to find out what we are up to or about any events or fund raisers that you could join on the day.

Fancy yourself an activist and want a worthy cause to sign up free for that you could support through one of your activities? Have a look at our page on and sign up if it is something you could champion for us.