Hi Everyone.


It has been a long time since we have posted any new blogs but it hasn't meant that we haven't been busy.


We have luckily not left you completely in the dark as anyone that follows us on FaceBook or

Twitter would have seen some of the things we have done so far.


The most exciting probably being the planning and implementing some of the things we have learnt from our agricultural, subsistence and rural farming program. We implement organic farming techniques along with companion planting which deters pests, we also teach people which household products could be used to help protect or feed your plants and vegetables.


Edible landscapes are another practice we encourage people to try and implement on their properties and much of what we buy regularly at grocery stores can be grown in our yards and in between flower beds which is the best thing you can do for yourself and your family as nothing beats homegrown vegetables and many of the flowers we grow in our gardens are edible and have just as many benefits as our regular fruits and vegetables. Many even have wonderful health benefits.


While we have been learning and implementing much of what we would like to share with you has been so successful that we have even turned our garden into a nursery through which we will offer limited amounts of some of the exotic trees and plants. All proceeds will go right back into the organisation so we can keep expanding on our work.


We have an enourmous gallery of photos taken at different stages of development which we will use to create informative videos which we will put onto our YouTube channel once they are completed.


We will also be updating our galleries here on the website.


Looking forward to sharing more exciting news on a regular basis.