Hi everyone.

Despite the website having been quiet for a while, we have not stopped working on achieving our goals to start working on developing our skills training facility in Chicumbane, Mozambique.

The pandemic delayed the start of construction work, but we have continued expanding on the skills training that we will be able to offer after completion.

Our agricultural and subsistence farming experience and knowledgebase has grown almost as much as the Information Technology side of our projects.

Our board is also very excited to make cryptocurrency and blockchain technology a part of MESHOA in our goal to really become a Maximum Edicational and Self-Help Organisation of Africa.


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Our adventures in understanding cryptocurrency from the most basic tasks for payment systems, exchanges and investment platforms are being documented for everyone to follow on Bits N Sense. Updating the blogs can sadly be a little slow because there is more happening on a daily basis than our 2 man team can document before there is more to share.

The new Non Fungible Token (NFT) cryptocurrency changes many things for all artists when it comes to branding themselves and taking control of their intellectual property. A graphic representation of the work, bound to a smart contract certifies ownership of the asset by holding the token in a cryptocurrency wallet. Smart contracts can also be set to pay royalties to the creator upon completion of future sales of the work too.

NFTs have inpired our director to take advantage of his creativity and skill to create Afreekana Arts after starting a quest to discover how he could link his new Print on Demand business to cryptocurrency and discovering other opportunities.


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He will sponsor the creation of NFTs with a picture of the artist's work, with all the relevant information to ensure that they are recognised at the creators, host and sell it on their behalf through Afreekana Arts on platforms like the WAX blockchain's Atomic Hub and Etherium's Open Sea galleries that we are in the process of whitelisting ourselves on.

He'll also help the artists get their own crypto wallets to make sure that all royalties are paid to them in future and help them create their own galleries that they can get the rest of their work into.

NFTs are not only for artists. They have become a big part of the blockchain gaming universe that enables players to own and trade the assets that they earn in games and other activities. We would like to create a gathering spot in a 3D environment for all our future supporters and members as a portal to various platforms in an attempt to cater to all tastes. It is also one more step of how MESHOA plans to bring a global economy within reach of all the communities we work with through the computer centres that all our future facilities will have.

We are already well on our way to funding our projects without outside assistance and we're not going to stop until the day that the pandemic and lockdowns do not prevent us from getting to Mozambique to start up, but we're not going to stop the progress we have made until now either. We're going to do as much as possible to make sure things keep going when we're making bricks and digging foundations with the community 200km from the nearest city.

We're looking forward to building community governed systems for and with the communities we service and the supporters who never gave up believing.