Hot pads and oven mitts.


Mrs Mendes was looking for a useful item that she could make easily and cheaply enough with some of her monthly state pension and decided that everyone could use a new pair of oven mitts or hot pads in their kitchen. After some thought we decided that online auctions where supporters could bid or buy depending on how much they would like to give could be a good way to keep things going when we are too busy training people to have regular fund raisers.

The proceeds will go into buying cement that can be used to produce the cinder blocks to build permanent educational facilities on the organisation's land.

Below are some photos that have been taken through the production process so everyone can see what goes into making things like this and what we will also be able to teach others to make.

More photos of the production process will be added as Lia works her way through this latest batch.


MIP 01 smallMIP 02 smallMIP 03 smallMIP 04 small


The cloth, sponge and lining are cut from patterns and pinned together in preparation for stitching to make one side of the oven mitts and hot pads.


MIP 05 smallMIX 01 smallHPIP 01 smallMits and Pads 01 small


Once both sides of the mits have been completed they will be joined together in preparation for the binding/edging.


Mits and Pads 02 smallMits and Pads 03 small25022014 01 thumb25022014 02 thumb


Once they are joined, they are ready to be sewn together afterwhich the edgind is put on.


25022014 03 thumb25022014 04 thumb25022014 05 thumb25022014 06 thumb


We then have our completed products, ready for sale to those who would like to support us.


25022014 07 thumb25022014 09 thumb25022014 10 thumb25022014 11 thumb


The money made from these sets will be used in providing skills training and developing the facilities the community will use to gain their skills.

We will provide links to facilitate the purchase of these sets through various online facilities in the very near future.