Hot pads and oven mitts.


Mrs Mendes was looking for an idea for something she could make using her own skills that could be sold to gain funds to aid the organisation.

Having a very poorly state pension in South Africa and already sponsoring the website. The idea for hot pads and oven mitts came to her when she noticed that her own oven mitts were due for a replacement. She also realized that it could be the perfect item to help raise some funds with. Using what materials she already had and only needing a few more, she could make extra to sell or auction them online for our supporters that would like something with an interesting story behind it.

She is always willing to teach people who are interested to sit nearby and her friends often join in and learn as they help

This she does while in South Africa where she has lived since 1966 with her husband and 3 sons and often fostered troubled children in her neighbourhood.

The funds raised through this little project will go into developing classrooms, workshops and studios for other skills to be taught in.

Once secure facilities are completed with electricity and can house a few sewing machines, she will be able to advance her basic sewing and stitching students onto the next phase of their course.