Embroidery and sewing.


We were wondering how this would be accepted by the folk in the neighbourhood and decided to have an open day on the day we started building the storage shed and we had Mrs Mendes come with us to the property and sit in the shade of a tree while compiling the study material she plans to teach when walkers by started coming closer to ask her what she was doing and ask questions about what we plan to do on the land.

Within 3 hours we had 6 volunteers wanting to sign up for courses. She encouraged them to sit down with a needle and thread and a cloth so she could teach them some basic stitches to start with. By the end of the next day we had 9 and another 3 the next.

The only drawback about working with them in this fashion is that it is all very dependent on good weather as we had rain on the 2nd and 3rd open day and we were about to cancel the days lessons before a good Samaritan came to our aid.

Rose offered her place as shelter. A widow and now single supports her daughter and baby grandson in an incomplete house with no security. the house is now falling apart  after years of not being able to put together enough money to complete it.

Both her and her daughter along with the other volunteers are awaiting our return eagerly and would like to be able to learn while making things we can use to gather funds.

The first thing we will do with any funds is buy cement for making the cinder blocks.